Recycling Jodi- Her wish to die and to make good come from evil solved

I had a mild, sentient moment last night.

And it is a Hammurabi like idea,  but I like it as it gives the young and healthy body of a killer a purpose.  I recall watching Steve Jobs speak just before he died and thank the young person in his/her 20’s for the liver he received after that person died in an MVA.

Recycle Jodi.  It would take her passion to a higher level.  Death Penalty and one year to appeal.  Feed her well.  Exercise her well.  Then put her to death in an OR that is sanctioned by the State and harvest her organs for transplant. 

This is not a satirical comment.  This is a killer giving life after she took life.  Justice for Travis.  At least there would be some good that can come out of the especially grievous and heinous JA. 

Az. enact the Travis Alexander Act. 

“Upon the determination of aggravated murder 1 the jury will empower the State to fast track any potential organ donor through the appeal system.  On the 366th day after the imposition of the DP by a jury of the Convicted Murderer, the search and matching of recipients of organs shall commence.  Within 30 calendar days, not to include or land on any religious or memorial holidays, the convicted felon will be transported to a facility designated by the state and the administration of an appropriate anesthetic shall be undertaken.  At which point the introduction of a short acting opiate at lethal dose with a paralytic drug shall be undertaken and upon cessation of like the harvesting of organs that would prolong and better the lives of others in this society shall commence.  The state will insure the identity of such organs shall remain unknown to the recipient, media and public.

Stabby wanted death and to recycle.  I believe this will quell the idea of a meaningless and cruel death for murder.

I am totally and completely sincere.  It makes the death of Travis have some value.  It rapidly removes the parasitic mind of a killer from our lives.  And a 24 year old girl (for example) with cardiomyopathy, a severely burned child, two renal failure patients, a person with cystic fibrosis, and so on will get a chance at a prolongation of life. 

Travis’ death is not revenged by the DP, his death has meaning and her functional parts can help others.

(satirical moment- the heart may be a problem as who would want the heart of a killer)

This is not one of my off the wall posts.  This is real.

Justice for Travis.  Let others live through his death.

Of course this is controversial. 

But what better way to make a death, a cruel and senseless death, have meaning.

Think about it.  This is not Frankenstein or Mengala or cruel.

It is allowing society to benefit from a the DP and giving a death some meaning.  The families of the victim will know that his death was not completely in vain.

Controversial thoughts and ideas that we do not ever debate or consider are ideas that may be the most important that we ever delve into.


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Social Justice-Trayvon

Social Justice-Trayvon.

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Social Justice-Trayvon

Justice is blind, as it should be.  Zimmerman is not guilty as charged.  There is a certain Providence in the fall of a sparrow.  We must not forget that we are far from a country or a world where there is Social Justice.


I am not a pundit, I am not a face or a name, I am not right and I am not left, I am not correct and I am not wrong- I am one voice and one person. 

But that is a start.

As Gandhi said:

A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their  mission can alter the course of history.

For TM: 

Know that your killer is not guilty but not innocent. 

Know that your name is untarnished in the eyes of those who believe in social justice. 

Know that GZ won only the right to walk the streets but not to be seen as just. 

Know that your name and the tragedy will live on in many lives. 

Know that you have changed the life of one person who will work harder to evoke change.

Know that your father is a brave and just man who showed courage and dignity.

But most of all know that you will live in the fight for social justice as an icon.  I see you at the side of MLK, a tear in his eyes, but as a reminder that his Dream is not as yet fulfilled.  May you rest knowing that not having your murderer convicted must awaken the eyes that have forgotten the 60’s. 

As long as the name Trayvon lives in our hearts and memories, your voice will never die.

Justice for Trayvon is for us all to look deeply into our souls and envision the dreams of MLK where we are all brothers and sisters of the human race and that color, ethnic origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, social strata and anything that has represents the hate of man to fellow man can be erased and the word equality is inherent in our beliefs; needing no laws to enforce. 

I am Trayvon

Namaste Trayvon

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arias foreman biased or duped

“We are not lawyers. We’re mere mortals.”

Words from the foreman of the Arias jury and quite evidently accurate in their entirety. 12 men and women spent 5 months in judgement of Jodi Arias. William “Bill” Zervakos acting as foreman for the jury was the first to break that 5 months silence (not including jurors that had been dismissed). Who is he and why has he become the spotlight of hatred and anger within those following the trial?

His life and his words speak for themselves. He is a genuine human, a person of average consequence and ambition and there is nothing that would cause the defense or the prosecution to strike him as a jurist. He is a businessman in semi-retirement with a radio show about cars, dabbling in real estate and a small Facebook site.

This lack of specialness and his own personality as depicted by his words made him the perfect target for a desperate Arias. I do not know if she picked him out but her words and her late trial behavior were fashioned for his persona.

“(the prosecutor says) she’s old enough she should have known better. I didn’t look at it that way. I’m looking at 27 years of an absolutely normal everyday young woman who was living a life that was perfectly normal. Then something changed the trajectory of her life after meeting Travis Alexander and it spiraled downhill from there.”

“When I walked in the courtroom the first time..looked at who the defendant was… it is hard to put that in perspective when you look at a young woman and think of the crime… see the brutality of the crime… it is very difficult to divest yourself of the personal… from the emotional part of it. Does it factor into the decision? Of course.”

“It was tough, who cannot comprehend that kind of agony. Two families destroyed because … somebody’s dead and a young woman whose life is over.”

The one thing that he did not do was become impartial when the final penalty phase was placed in his hands. He is a rescuer, a person who became enamored and completely overwhelmed by the games that Jodi played. He speaks of her as a normal 27-year-old woman, not old enough to do such a crime. He makes her vulnerable and he causes her to become the victim. He is a visual person, speaking often in terms of appearance and not in terms of the action. I suspect that if Arias had spent much less time on the stand he might not have gotten the horrific visuals and seen her darker side and not voted for M1. He is a businessman and visual.

I doubt he was ever very forceful in the jury deliberations as in those moments the facade he constructed to try to follow the directives had fallen in place. He “became Juror 18 and not Bill.” That is how he was able to decide on M1 and on aggravation. He dissociated into a consumer of facts and removed emotion.
At the penalty phase the emotions of the Alexanders and the pitiful performance of Jodi in mitigation removed the facade and left him with the image of the little girl, talking of recycling and book clubs. Zervakos may see that last stand of Arias as pitiful and bad advice in his statements, but they are actually the image that stuck with him as he deliberated.

Look at the line, “somebody’s dead and a young woman whose life is over.” He completely dehumanizes Travis and shows empathy for the murderer.
This is a man who cannot imagine a woman murdering a man without a reason. He becomes convinced that Travis abuses her, all of the evidence of which is her testimony and her interpretation, in order to comprehend her actions. It is only his dissociation into Juror #18 that lets him look at the crime and the blood, gore and circumstances in a manner that lets him vote to convict.

There is much more to this and there are many other factors. He is arrogant and has poor boundaries. He has rescue fantasies and guilt.
Jodi might have actually got manslaughter from him had she not stayed on the stand so long.

He started this trial with an immediate disbelief and bias. He is a moral being and had to pull himself away from his feelings and preconceptions and become that inanimate Juror #18. When it was facts he responded with facts.
That initial Jodi disconnect resurfaced when the penalty phase began and the jurors are instructed now to follow their conscience. The Alexanders brought out the emotions of loss and his identification with Jodi as a child despoiled by the abusive Travis resurfaced. The High School President speech during mitigation was the final blow to his ability to stay Juror #18.

On top of that he is the elder statesman of the jury, has done media and how this played into his coming out party against the wishes of the jury is difficult to understand. Although it will be interesting to hear from the rest of the jury if he was the one that was truly not going to be swayed.
Juries are akin to a Stockholm Syndrome event. You tend to bond and do not want to single out the one responsible.

8-4 is a split.

11-1 is blame.

Bob Dylan wrote these lines

She’s got everything she needs,
She’s an artist, she don’t look back.
She’s got everything she needs,
She’s an artist, she don’t look back.
She can take the dark out of the nighttime
And paint the daytime black.

You will start out standing
Proud to steal her anything she sees.
You will start out standing
Proud to steal her anything she sees.
But you will wind up peeking through her keyhole
Down upon your knees.

She never stumbles,
She’s got no place to fall.
She never stumbles,
She’s got no place to fall.
She’s nobody’s child,
The Law can’t touch her at all.

She wears an Egyptian ring
That sparkles before she speaks.
She wears an Egyptian ring
That sparkles before she speaks.
She’s a hypnotist collector,
You are a walking antique.

Bill is another Arias victim. Thankfully he had the sense to get out of himself and convict her of M1. For that we should be thankful. He will not do well in the next months as he is as much a victim as Travis. He needed to leave the jury early in the trial.
When the BPD web is woven no one escapes unsinged.


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Justice for Travis

Justice for Travis

You know when I was growing up I had this best friend named Alfie.  That was short for Alfred, that was a man’s name Alfred and you had to get a little farther in life than 8th grade to be called Alfred.  So Alfie and I were inseparable, until he and his family moved to some town in Michigan where his dad Alfred got a job making cars.   

I was thinking of Alfie while I watched the trial of that Arias woman in Arizona.  Such a sweet thing and what a horrible crime.  I just never could understand that reaction.  I was thinking of Alfie because I remember the day we stole Mrs. Franklins apple pie that was cooling on the window.  It was beautiful and smelled so delicious that we had no choice.  We rigged up this idea that I would knock on the front door; we did that in those days, knock on doors and visit, and ask her if I could mow her lawn for a quarter.  While she was talking to me Alfie would nab the pie and we would scoot off to the tree fort that old man Sanders built when he was a kid and just eat our little hearts out. 
Thing about Mrs. Franklin was she was a pretty smart lady.  She had lost pies before and we were the unfortunate ones to fall into her little trap.   
Well she said to me she would think about it, Mr. Franklin was off in some foreign land fighting or something, and I was to come back tomorrow.   

It could not have been one minute before I was shimmying up that rope to find Alfie coughing, spitting and screaming for water.  That pie was full of Alum (that’s what grandma called it when I asked a couple years later).  We swore never to do anything like that to anyone again.   
And I cut her lawn for a nickel every Saturday after that.  Mrs. Franklin never said a word, but we knew she knew.  That’s how it was in those days.  You didn’t lie, didn’t make up stories about ninjas taking the pie and dropping it when we ran after them… you got humble and showed them you learned your lesson. 

That is what I do not understand about today.  I loved Agatha Christie novels and how she thought her way with logic and deduction- like that Juan fellow.  I like him, if somebody killed me I would want him to fight for my justice.  He reminds me of Perry Mason, except he’s on the other side.  Now we have DNA, forensics, GPS, cell phone records and gadgets everywhere.  Miss Christie would not sell a lot of books today. 

And we have experts.  Experts when I was a kid were people that wrote books and taught at those big Universities.  They didn’t get paid much, maybe lunch and travel costs, because they were University experts and that was their duty.  Now we have professional experts that give testimony that sounds like storied from the ten cent novels we used to sneak into the house and if momma caught you with them she would tan your hide.  I mean what is this Secret with Laws of Attraction.  Sounds like some military physics super secret project.   

Perry Mason would not have even dreamed of facing a jury with a theory based on such psychological babble. 

As I see it this is all about two people and one of them decided it was not what he wanted.  Maybe that is the Law of Attraction; the first meeting.  Problem is, like  Mrs. Franklin’s apple pie,  you can see on the outside before you get a taste of what’s on the inside. 

I feel bad for that Travis.  When I broke up with Emma Sanders and started dating Leanne Wainright all I got was a red cheek when she slapped  me.  And thinking back I deserved it, Emma if you can hear me, I am sorry Leanne dumped me 3 weeks later and I was too embarrassed to come back around.   

There is only one thing I dislike more than a liar, that is a liar that can’t keep their lies straight.  That is why I am having such a time wondering why people lie.  Alfie and I could have lied, but Alfie had to go see Dr. Mitchell and we knew that all would get connected.  Didn’t need DNA or apple pie with alum hand prints on the rope to the tree house to know the facts.  And the same goes here with this case.  Seems to me that they spent weeks and weeks telling a story to cover the lies that the defendant forgot she lied about.  On top of that the experts lied about the cover up of the lies. 

Guess that’s fitting.  Momma would have been a better judge and jury.  Momma was a woman who learned on her own and was pretty good at seeing truth.  Like when my brother smashed the front window with his baseball.  Momma lined the three of us (I had two brothers) up and said who did it?  My oldest brother must have swallowed or shook or something and it was off to the shed.  She was quick to justice and I don’t think she was ever wrong.  She would of looked in those defense lawyers’ faces and brought them to the bench and taken them out to the shed. 

Now we get another part trial of a trial.  And that makes me sad.  The real people that are being stretched to the limit are the family of that boy.   

I pray that this gets over soon.  Momma and Mrs. Franklin would have finished this in a week 
When you walk like a duck, talk like a duck and even with waterproof makeup as camouflage; you’re a duck.  And this duck is ready for its pen.

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